Monday, October 16, 2006

In Process

Finally--I have some "after" pictures, or rather some "in process" pictures.

I have been working on the kitchen, because it seemed as good a place to start as any.

I went with a green palate for no reason other than I like green and it seemed to be a good color for a kitchen.

The walls are a dark green. Since the plaster on these walls is far from smooth I used a color wash of the color I used on the cabinets to give the walls an aged worn look that I have always liked.

All the trim is a semi-gloss black, which is something I plan on carrying through the rest of the house.

There is still a great deal to be done in this room:
The ceiling needs to be painted.
I am in the process of re-finishing the cabinets.
I plan on replacing the counter top, so that it goes from wall to wall and incorporates the stove.
I am working on a hanging pot rack for above the stove.
I need to find suitable outlet and switch covers.
After the counter is replaced I am going to put in a tile back-splash behind the sink and stove.

But, despite the room's not being finished it is finally starting to look and feel more like a room I can handle being in.

Included in these pictures are some shots of some of the accents that I have been gathering for the house as I begin decorating. Most of the items shown are things I have picked up from Halloween sections of various department stores, and odds and ends that I have found at thrift stores, yard sales, and various other little shops.

The "reaper" is something that I found at K-Mart and plan on having up year-round, though with seasonal changes, which I will get in to at another time.

The wreath is something I made myself with a frame, cheesy Halloween garlands, and old Barbies.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Well, due to constraints on time and money all I've gotten done is some initial brainstorming, and a hell of a lot of cleaning. But, I wanted to post something to show that I was still here.

To this end I offer the following picture:

This is a small collection of knick-knacks that I have picked up over the last week while browsing around the local thrift stores.

The hydra is an incense burner that, when in use, has smoke coming out of the hydra's mouths.

The little reaper is a tea-light holder.

And, the candelabra is perfect for the collection of black tapers that I have amassed.

I know: Big fat hairy deal! But, like I said I haven't accomplished anything else worth posting about and wanted to post something to show that I was still here.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Blank (And A Bit Nasty) Canvas

Here are a few pictures of the place I will be turning into my abode:

This is a picture of the sty that will eventually become my bathroom. It is a tiny little room, but does the job.

Here are two pictures of the space that will eventually serve as a kitchen for all of my culinary experiments.

Two pictures of the future living room--centerpiece of the house.

My Future Bedroom

The Bedroom at the opposite end of the house from mine.

And, The bedroom referred to as the "center" bedroom.

So that's what I have to work with. So, now we begin the process of transformation from crappy house into pleasant abode.

In the Beginning...

I recently began renting a small three-bedroom house in Indianapolis.

The rent is ok. The neighborhood is not the greatest, but not the worst in Indy. The house is a total wreck. Most importantly--the landlord said I could paint and make improvements as I saw fit, because he wants me to be "happy" in this house.

I am assuming that the landlord's willingness to accommodate me is out of a desire to keep tenants out of the house similar to those who were here before me (the neighbors have called them "nasty" and "drug dealers") so as to avoid more bullet holes in the house like the one through the front window.

To this point I have began cleaning the inside of the house and have had a drywall guy in to fix all of the larger holes in the drywall (six total including two that were roughly the size of an adult's back and two that looked like they were kicks). I then repaired some of the smaller holes myself.

So now I am ready to apply a primer coat to every paintable surface of the house to prepare my new canvas and then begin the process of turning this place into a refuge that fits my Gothy tastes.

To this end I have started this blog.

I intend to post photos of the house through the various stages of remodeling (starting of course with the "before" pictures), and share musings on design ideas, processes, and setbacks that occur through this process. I am not a wealthy man and have two teen-age children to care for, so the process of redoing my new abode will most likely occur in spurts.

I would also like to invite readers to engage in a sort of interactive brainstorming, by posting their ideas, praise, and criticism, because, let's face it--I can use all of the help I can get. I am starting out with nothing, but a space and a desire to make it my own.

I promise to post the before pictures soon, and then we can begin to create a wonderfully dark and comfortable home for my children and myself.